Optimized Design and Construction services

We Optimize Design & Construction

The design/build construction method has significant advantages over other methods. Unlike other delivery methods, management of both design and construction are unified within one company who are experts in both fields. Because the Williams family of companies handles construction from concept through design, excavation, construction and project handoff, we know how to recognize areas that can be optimized to reduce cost, speed up construction, and lower cost of ownership. Our experts know which designs work best for different applications, which construction sites are the best value, and which design choices result in increased overall expenditure.

Our team will work closely with the project owner to identify current and future needs and establish a budget. Once we understand your requirements, we will hand select design professionals to partner with your team to meticulously plan every detail of the project. Because A.P. Williams will be closely involved throughout the design process, our team will be able to act in the best interests of the owner by providing design alternatives that improve quality, speed up construction, and lower the costs of construction and maintenance.

Collaboration & Involvement

A.P. Williams operates with the philosophy that communication, honesty & integrity are critical to every project. We ensure that owners get frequent updates and are notified of important developments that require attention. We operate with an “open book” policy, sharing costing and scheduling information directly with the owner so they have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Our Approach to Construction
Allows Us to :

  • Enhance coordination between the owner, design and construction teams
  • Reduce change orders
  • Compress schedules
  • Decrease unexpected expenses
  • Take advantage of value engineering before beginning the design process
  • Construct superior buildings
Site and building design

Integrate the Site & Building Design

One of the most important aspects to successful design/build projects is the integration of the site and building designs. By leveraging the expertise of our sister companies Williams Site Civil and Mainline Excavating, A.P. Williams will gain a thorough and detailed understanding of how even challenging building lots can be prepared for construction.

Construction budgeting

Adhere to the Construction Budget

At various times throughout the design process, we will solicit pricing information from our expansive network of skilled local subcontractors and suppliers in order to assist us in confirming and updating our construction budget. Once the designs have been completed, we will competitively bid the project. We then work together with the owner and the design team to carefully review those bids and select the best project subcontractors and suppliers for the project. Using this process, the owner and A.P. Williams stay connected and retain a clear view of the construction budget. This allows for more informed decisions if adjustments to the project scope are required or changes to the design are being considered.

Limited construction change orders

Limit Change Orders

Another great advantage of having A.P. Williams involved during the design phase is that this will naturally eliminate the potential for many of the change orders that often arise on competitively bid projects. This offers owners increased peace of mind that the project budget is reasonable and solid. The design / build process implemented by A.P. Williams. eliminates costly design inefficiencies while affording owners the essential insight needed to make critical decisions between design elements and budget constraints, resulting in the best, most cost effective design that the budget will allow.